Freedom in Christ

We have run the Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course at St Andrew's for a number of years.  This thirteen week discipleship course is suitable for every Christian and is based on the fact  that knowing and connecting with the truth of Christ is the key to freedom (John 8:32).  We usually meet as a small group in a home and have welcomed people from other churches (with the agreement of their Church leader).

The purpose of the course is to help people to:

  • LIVE out their new identity in Christ,

  • BREAK through to spiritual maturity,

  • UNCOVER strongholds and deception

  • RESOLVE issues from the past

  • BECOME a genuinely fruitful disciple.

I had been a Christian for over forty years when I first did the Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course and I found that it helped me to apply Scripture to my life in a more meaningful way and brought a new reality and confidence to my walk with God.  Whenever issues arise in my life I still find the Freedom in Christ teaching very helpful.  The course has given me scriptural tools for continued growth as a disciple of Christ.”

If you are interested in a future course, please contact .

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Sunday Services:

Morning – 10.30am

Whilst the Church and some of its associated activities have been closed for the duration of the Coronavirus regulations, we are still providing a service each Sunday morning via Zoom technology.

You are more than welcome to join us.

The late afternoon meeting in the Church Building at 5.30pm has for the time being been placed on hold until the Government rules change. In the meantime you can still join us on Zoom for this meeting.

To join us on Zoom for either meeting please contact our Minister Rev Bernard Fidder at well beforehand to establish the information required to connect to us.

Preachers during  May

  2nd May          Rev Bernard Fidder - Communion

  9th May           Peter Hollandar

 16th May          Rev Bernard Fidder

 23rd May          Michael Mount

 30th May          Jane and Richard Nicholas

Oasis Café Church * 5:30 – 6:30pm on Zoom 
More information to follow concerning teaching/discussion topics on Sundays during May 2021.