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During Lent, we will be using teaching by Rabbi Kirt Schneider, a Messianic Jew, rabbi and evangelist. 

‘In 1978, having no concept of or familiarity with Jesus, feeling isolated, unfulfilled, and lost, a young Jewish man was suddenly awakened from his sleep. Immediately, a vision appeared to him of Jesus on the cross. “I knew at that instant that Jesus was the answer I had been searching for,” says Messianic Rabbi Kirt Schneider.

For the first time, he began reading the New Testament, devouring every verse; he says: “it was like fire to me.” He became consumed with knowing and experiencing God, the revelation of His Word, and the glory of His Son.’

Taken from: https://discoveringthejewishjesus.com/

This series gives strong Bible teaching with practical ways in which we can become more fruitful in our praying and ministry. 

February                                                                    March

21    Receiving from God                                            7    Building momentum

28    Exercising faith                                                  14    Walking in Breakthrough

Sunday Services:

Morning – 10.30am

Whilst the Church and some of its associated activities have been closed for the duration of the Coronavirus regulations, we are still providing a service each Sunday morning via Zoom technology.

You are more than welcome to join us.

The late afternoon meeting in the Church Building at 5.30pm has for the time being been placed on hold until the Government rules change. In the meantime you can still join us on Zoom for this meeting.

To join us on Zoom for either meeting please contact our Minister Rev Bernard Fidder at rev@fidder.uk well beforehand to establish the information required to connect to us.

Preaching for Lent

For morning worship, we will be going through a new series, ‘Holy Habits: Following Jesus’, which will focus on Scriptures from the Gospel of Luke.


21    Jonathan Hollander

28    Linda Cawsey


7      Bernard Fidder (plus Holy Communion)

14    Bernard Fidder

21    Val Cannon

28    Findy McMahon