Date Theme Speaker Reference Download Link

26th July

The  Presence of God Chris Wilson -Sharp Exodus 33 12-23, 34 5-9 & Hebrews 12 .18-24   DOC

19th july

Gifts for the Tabernacle Robin Lane Exodus 25.1-9 & 31.1-11 PDF

5th July

In the Desert Rev Bernard Fidder Exodus 16 1-26 PDF

28th June

A Community Bound by Ssacrifice Findy McMahon Exodus 12 1-13, 29-32 DOC

21st June

Hearing God`s Call Jane & Richard Nicholas Exodus 3 1-7 PDF 

14th June

The end is near Rev Bernard Fidder 1 Peter 4.7-14 PDF

7th June

Always be prepared Rev Bernard Fidder 1 Peter 3 3-13 -4.6 PDF 

24th May

Living Godly lives in a Pagan World Rev Sue Marsh 1 Peter 3 1-12 DOC

17th May 

Confident in the World Peter Hollander 1 Peter 2 -11-25 DOC

10th May

Confident in Identity Val Cannon 1 Peter 2 10 PDF

12th April

He is Risen  Rev Bernard Fidder Matthew 28 1-10 PDF

5th April

Jesus enters Jerusalem  Rev Bernard Fidder Mark 11 1-11 PDF

29th March

Resurrection and Life Rev Bernard Fidder John 11 PDF

22nd March

Blindness Rev Bernard Fidder John 9 PDF

8th March

In Christ Alone Linda Cawsey Genesis 12.1-4a & Romans 4.1-5,13-17 DOC

2nd February

Whatever we do Rev Bernard Fidder Colossians 3. 15-24 PDF

26th January

Being God`s Missionary Church Steve Smith Isaiah 49.1 -8 & Acts2.36-47  DOC 

19th January

Wherever we are Chris Wilson -Sharp Genesis 28.10-17 DOC

12th January

All the differnce in the World Rev Bernard Fidder 1 Peter 1. 1-2 PDF

5th January

New Year Covenant Rev Bernard Fidder Ecclesiastes 3.1-11 PDF



15th December

Prepare the way of the Lord Rev Sue Marsh

Isaiah 35.1- 10

Matthew 11.2 - 11


8th December

Nativity & Carols Rev Bernard Fidder   PDF

1st December

Advent  Rev Bernard Fidder Isaiah 2.1-5 Matthew 24.36-44 PDF

24th November

That you may know you have eternal life Steve Smith 1 John 5.13-21 DOC 

10th November

God`s love is among us Peter Hollander 1 John 4 7-21



27th October

Children of God, children of the Devil Janet Wison Sharp 1 John 3.4-10 DOC 

13th October

Do not love the world Rev Bernard Fidder 1 John 2.18-27



6th October

God`s family restored Rev Bernard Fidder 1 John 2 12-14 



29th September

A new commandment Rev Bernard Fidder 1 John 2.7-17



15th September

 Are you singing this song Mark Gelsthorpe 1 Chronicles 16.8-36 & Ephesians 1.3-14



8th September

The Word of Life Rev Bernard Fidder 1John 1-4



25th August

Holiday Rest  Val Cannon  Psalm 3.5 Phillipians 4.6-7



18th August

Walk in the Light Rev Bernard Fidder Isaiah 40 28-31



11th August

Entering God`s rest Dan Harris  Psalm 23



4th August

Rest Rev Bernard Fidder Psalm 37 1-7



28th July

Elisha - Prophet of faith and faithfulness Rev Sue Marsh 2 Kings 13.10-21 



21st July

Famine in Samaria Chris Penfold 2 Kings 6.24-7.2



14th July

Prophetic Power Rev Bernard Fidder 2 Kings 6.1-23 & 1 John 4-6



7th July

Naaman comes to faith Rev Bernard Fidder 2 Kings 5 & Luke 17.11-19



23rd June 

A miracle for Moab Rev Bernard Fidder 2 Kings 3 & Mark 10.23-27



16th June

Elisha inherits the mantle Richard Nicholas 1 Kings 19-21 & 2 Kings 2



9th June

The Birth of the Church Michael Mount Acts 2



2nd June


Ascension of Jesus Rev Bernard Fidder Acts1. 1-11




26th May

Elijah and Ahaziah Christine Wilson -Sharp 2 Kings 1 DOC

12 May

Elijah:The Lord , He is God Rev Alan Spence 1Kings 18.16

5th May

Elijah and the Widow Rev Bernard Fidder 1 Kings 17.7-24  PDF

28th April

Doubt or Believe Linda Cawsey John 20.19-29 DOC

21st April

Easter Celebration Rev Bernard Fidder John 20.1-18 PDF

21st April

The resurrection Christine Wilson Sharp in Sandwich URC Luke 24.1-12 DOC

14th April

Your King comes to you Rev Sue Marsh Matt 20.17-19 DOCX 

7th April


Cooperating with the Holy Spirit Rev Bernard Fidder John11.1-14,38-44 PDF
  24th March I am who I am Peter Hollander Exodus 3,13-15 DOC
  17th March I know the plans I have for you Steve Smith Jeremiah 29.10-14 DOC
  10th March What`s the bigger story Dan Harris 1 Kings 19 DOC
  3rd March Growing in receiving the Holy Spirit Rev Bernard Fidder John7.37-44 PDF
  10th February Is there a Baptism with the Holy spirit Rev Bernard Fidder Acts 10.30-48  PDF
  3rd February Being filled with the Holy Spirit Rev Bernard Fidder Ephesians 5.1-21 


  27th January The planting of the Lord Janet Wilson-Sharp Isaiah 61 1-7 


  20th January A people carrying God`s presence Lyndall Bywater Exodus25.10-22


  13th January


Four Basic Works of The Holy Spirit Rev Bernard Fidder Acts2 29-37 PDF
  6th January Be joyful always Rev Bernard Fidder 1Thessalonians 5.12-28 PDF