Messages 2021


  Date Theme Speaker Reference Download Link

26th December

Various  Elders Various  DOC

19th December

Carol service Linda Cawsey   DOC

12th December

Preparing for the Messiah Rev Bernard Fidder Luke 3.7-18 PDF

5th December in Littlebourne

The Parable of the tenants Peter Hollander Mark 12.1-12 PDF

5th December in Sandwich

Andrew - How to play  second fiddle well Chris Wilson Sharp Ephesians 4 DOC

5th December

Worship focuses our wavering hearts Rev Bernard Fidder Revalation 2.12-19 PDF

28th November in Littlebourne 

Have faith in the authoratitive Christ Jonathan Hollander Mark11.20-33 PDF

28th November

Worship inspires our everyday speech  Steve Smith  James 5. 13-18  DOC

21st November in Littlebourne

Cleansing the Temple Rev Bernard Hollander Mark 11 .12-19 PDF

14th November in Littlebourne

Triumphal entry into Jerusalem Peter Hollander  Mark 11.1-11  PDF 

14th November

Worshipping offers us fresh insights Rev Bernard Fidder Ephesians 1.15-23 PDF

7th November in Littlebourne

Ask Jesus for mercy and come to him Jonathan Hollander Mark10.46-52 PDF 

7th November


Worshipping engages our whole lives Val Cannon Romans 12.1-2 PDF

31st October in Littlebourne

The request of James and John Peter Hollander Mark 10.32-45  PDF

24th October in Littlebourne

Depend solely on God Jonathan Hollander  Mark 10.13-31 PDF

24th October

Implications of Christ`s lordship on our frontlines Janet Wilson Sharp Colssians 3.18 -4. 1 DOC

17th October in Littlebourne

Divorce Peter Hollander Mark 10.1-12 PDF

17th October

Foregiveness, love and Peace Rev Bernard Fidder Colossians 3.12-17 PDF

10th October in Littlebourne

Those against Jesus and those for Jesus Jonathan Hollander  Mark 9.38-50 PDF

3rd October

How to navigate the Whirlpool Rev Bernard Fidder Colossians 2.16-23 PDF

26th September in Littlebourne

Believe and Trust David Cobb Mark 9.14-29 DOC

26th September

Mining the Jems Chris Wilson Sharp Colossians 2.6-15 DOC

19th September in Littlebourne

The Transfiguaration Peter Hollander  Mark 9. 2-13 DOC

19th September

Proclamation of the Gospel Rev Bernard Fidder Colossians 1.24 - 2.5 PDF

12th September

The Supremacy of Christ Peter Hollander Colossians 1.13-23 DOC

5th September in Littlebourne

Seeing Clearly  Jonathan Hollander Mark 8. 22-30   PDF

5th September

Opening Thanksgiving and Intercession  Rev Bernard Fidder Colossians 1.1-14 PDF

29th August in Liitlebourne

Feeding the 4000 Peter Hollander Mark 8.1-21 DOC

22nd August in Littlebourne

Jesus heals a deaf and mute man Jonathan Hollander Mark7.31-37 PDF 

22nd August 

Immeasurably More Val Cannon Ephesians 3.14.21 PDF 

15th August in Littlebourne

The faith of the woman of Syrian Phoenicia Peter Hollander Mark 7 .24-30 DOC 

15th August

Christ`s heart for us Jonathan Hollander Hebrews7.25 PDF

8th August in Littlebourne

Clean and Unclean Peter Hollander Mark 7.1-23 DOC

1st August in Littlebourne

Jesus care for his own  Jonathan Hollander Mark6.45-46 PDF

1st August

A messenger of the Gospel  Linda Cawsey  1 Peter 3.15-16  DOC 

25th July in Littlebourne

Feeding the 5000 Peter Hollander Mark 6.30-44 DOC

25th July 

Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice Chris Wilson Sharp Jeremiah 9.23-24 DOC 

18th July in Littlebourne

The importance of the Truth Jonathan Hollander Mark 6.14-29 PDF

11th July in Littlebourne

Sending Out Rev Bernard Fidder Mark 6.6-13  PDF

11th July 

Moulding Culture Rev Bernard Fidder Matthew 5.13-16  PDF

4th July in Littlebourne

A prophet without honour Peter Hollander Mark 6.1-6 DOC

4th July

Ministering Grace and Love  Rev Bernard Fidder Luke 10.25-37 PDF

27th June in Littlebourne

Two Examples of New Life Jonathan Hollander Mark 5.21-43 PDF

27th June

Making good work  Val Cannon  Genesis1, Colossians 3,Ephesians 2 PDF 

20th June in Littlebourne

The Gadarene Swine Peter Hollander Mark 5.1-20 DOC

20th June

Modelling Godly Character Rev Bernard Fidder Phillipians 1-9,11 & Galations 5.13-26 PDF

13th June in Littlebourne

The Calming of the Storm Jonathan Hollander Mark 4.35-41 PDF

6th June in Littlebourne

More Parables  Peter Hollander Mark 4.21-34  PDF 

6th June

Supremacy of Christ   Rev Bernard Fidder Colossians 1.15-20  PDF 

30th May in Littlebourne

The Parable of the Soils Jonathan Hollander Mark 4.1-20 PDF

30th May

Cornelius and Peter Jane & Richard Nicholas Acts 10.1-8,19-29a and 44-48  PDF

23rd May in Littlebourne

Jesus and Family Peter Hollander  Mark 3. 20-35 PDF

23rd May 

The Gospel Michael Mount Acts 20.22-31 PDF

16th May in Littlebourne

Calling of the apostles Jonathan Hollander Mark 3. 7-21  PDF

16th May

Ascension Rev Bernard Fidder Luke 24.44-53,Hebrews 4.14-16 PDF

9th May in Litlebourne

Sabbath Observation  Peter Hollander Mark 2.23 - 3.6 PDF 

9th May

Be kind, just and merciful  Peter Hollander Micah 6.1-8 PDF

2nd May in Littlebourne

There is no in - between Jonathan Hollander Mark 2.13-22 PDF

2nd May

What does "abide in me" mean Rev Bernard Fidder John 15. 1-8 James 2.18 PDF 

25th April in Littlebourne

Jesus heals the Paralytic  Peter Hollander Mark 2 1-12 PDF

25th April

Foundations Janet Wilson Sharp

Isaiah 40. 3-5, 41.17-20

Matthew 7.24-27


18th April in Littlebourne

Do we sometimes love the gift more than the giver  Jonathan Hollander Mark 1 35-45 PDF

18th April 

Heaven`s Storehouse Rev Dan Harris Luke 18. 1-8  DOC

11th April in Littlebourne

Jesus announces Good News  Peter Hollander Mark 1. 14-34 PDF

11th April

Road to Emmaus Rev Bernard Fidder Luke 24. 13-35 PDF

4th  April in Liittlebourne

Jesus Introduced - Who is this Jesus  Jonathan Hollander Mark 1 1-13 PDF

3rd  April

Silent Saturday - Jesus in the Tomb Rev Bernard Fidder Luke 23. 50-56  PDF

2nd  April

Good Friday - The Lamb Rev Bernard Fidder Luke 22 PDF

1st  April

Maundy Thursday Rev Bernard Fidder Luke 22.7-46  PDF

1st April

Jesus sign of the times  Rev Bernard Fidder Luke 21. 5-38  PDF

31st March

Jesus as Servant King Rev Bernard Fidder Luke 20. 41 -21.1-4  PDF

30th March

Jesus paying Taxes Rev Bernard Fidder Luke 20.20-26  PDF 

21st March

Following Jesus - Jesus making disciples Val cannon Luke 19.1-10 PDF

14th March

Following Jesus - Jesus praying Rev Bernard Fidder Luke 11, 1-4 PDF 

7th March

Following Jesus - Jesus sharing bread Rev Bernard Fidder Luke 9.12-17  PDF

28th February 

Following Jesus - Serving with gladness Linda Cawsey Luke 4. 16-19 DOC

21st February

Following Jesus - Jesus guided by scripture Jonathan Hollander Luke 4.1-13 PDF

14th February

The Presence God establishes Rev Bernard Fidder Ezekiel 47. 1-12  PDF

7th February

The People God restores Rev Bernard Fidder Ezekiel 36.24-28 & 37.1-14 PDF

31st January

The Nations God judges Chris Wilson Sharp Ezekiel 25 DOC

17th January

The Idolatary God Detests Peter Hollander Ezekiel 8.1-18 DOC 

10th January

The Glory God displays  Rev Bernard Fidder Ezekiel 1.1-28 PDF

3rd january

New Year Rev Bernard fidder Ecclesiastes 3.15,Isaiah52.2,Matthew 6.34 PDF

19th January

Wherever we are Chris Wilson -Sharp Genesis 28.10-17 DOC

12th January

All the differnce in the World Rev Bernard Fidder 1 Peter 1. 1-2 PDF

5th January

New Year Covenant Rev Bernard Fidder Ecclesiastes 3.1-11 PDF



Sunday Services - St Andrews Canterbury

Morning 10.30 am

The morning service continues now in the church building but addtionally for those who cannot attend in person we are still providing a service each Sunday morning via Zoom technology.

You are more than welcome to join us.


To join us on Zoom please contact our Minister Rev Bernard Fidder at well beforehand to establish the information required to connect to us.

Preachers during April

       2nd April Rev Bernard Fidder - Communion

       9th April Rev Bernard Fidder

      16th April Alice Wilson Sharp 

      23rd April Steve Smith

      30th April Chris Wilson Sharp     

Littlebourne Chapel in Nargate Street


For details of worship at 3pm each Sunday please see under heading of CHURCH LIFE and scroll down to Littlebourne