Messages 2022


  Date Theme Speaker Reference Download Link

2nd January 

Spiritual Gifts  Peter Hollander  Mark12.18-27  DOCX

9th January in Littlebourne

Marriage and Resurrection  Peter Hollander  Mark 12.28-34  DOCX

16th January

New year prayer evaluation and vision Rev Bernard Fidder Judges 7.9-15 PDF 

16th January in Littlebourne

A question of priorities Jonathan Hollander Mark 12:28-34 PDF

23rd January

All things were created for Him  Jonathan Hollander Colossians 1.15-20  PDF 

23rd January  in Littlebourne

Whose son is Christ  Peter Hollander  Mark12 35-44  DOCX

30th January  

Whats in a name  Simon Redman  John 7.37-40 &  John 8.1-11  DOC 

30th January in Littlebourne

Signs of the end of the age  Linda Cawsey  Mark13.1-14  DOCX

6th February

The fear of the Lord  Rev Bernard Fidder Proverbs PDF

6th February  in Littlebourne

Abomination of Desolation  Chris Wilson Sharp  Mark 13. 14-23  DOCX 

13th February

A path to take Rev Bernard Fidder Proverbs 2  PDF

13th February in Littlebourne 

Jesus will return, what shoud we do  Jonathan Hollander Mark 13.32-37  PDF 

20th February 

A choice to make  Chris Wilson Sharp  Proverbs 9. 1-18  DOCX 

6th March

A way to speak Rev Bernard Fidder Proverbs 10.18-21 PDF 

6th March  in Littlebourne

Jesus predicts Peter`s denial  Peter Hollander  Mark14.27-31  DOCX 
  13th March A model to follow Rev Bernard Fidder Proverbs 31.10-31 PDF
  13th March in Littlebourne Gethsemane  Jonathan Hollander  Mark 14.32-42  PDF 

27th March

Ambassadors for Christ  Linda Cawsey  2 Corinthians 5.14-21  DOCX
  27th March in Littlebourne  Peter disowns Jesus  Peter Hollander  Mark 14.66-77  DOCX 
  3rd April  Identity in Christ  Rev Bernard Fidder  Isaiah 43.16-21 John 12.1-8  PDF

3rd April in Littlebourne

Jesus before the Authorities Rev Bernard Fidder Mark 15.1-20  PDF

10th April 

Palm Sunday in Jerusalem  Val Cannon  Psalm 118.1-2,19-29 Luke 19.28-40  PDF 

10th April in Littlebourne

The Crucifixion Jonathan Hollander Mark15.21-41 PDF

24th April 

By faith alone Rev Bernard Fidder   PDF

24th April in Littlebourne

The Great Commission  Peter Hollander  Mark 16.9-20  PDF 

1st May

Sola Scriptura By Scrpiture alone Rev Bernard Fidder   PDF

1st May in Littlebourne 

Psalms and Psalm 120  Jonathan Hollander  Psalm 120  PDF 

8th May in Littlebourne 

Song of ascents  Peter Hollander  Psalm 121  PDF 
  15th May  in Littlebourne  A song of ascents of David  Jonathan Hollander   Psalm 122  PDF 

22nd May 

Solus Christus  Simon Redman  John 4.1-26  DOCX

22nd May in Littlebourne

Jesus taken up into heaven Peter Hollander Acts 1.1-11 PDF

29th May 

Gloryto God alone Janet Wilson Sharp   DOCX

29th May in Littlebourne 

Between the Ascension and Pentecost  Jonathan Hollander  Acts1.12-26  PDF 

5th June 

Recieving the Holy Spirit  Rev Bernard Fidder  Acts 2.1-13  PDF 

12th June in Littlebourne 

Peter addresses the crowd  Peter Hollander  Acts 2.14 -41  PDF 

19th June 

Church unleashed as Servant  Peter Hollander  Acts 6.1-7   DOCX

19th June in Littlebourne

The Fellowship of Believers Val Cannon Acts2.42-47  DOCX

26th June  

Church unleashed in Power  Chris Wilson Sharp  Acts3.1-16 DOCX

26th June in Littlebourne

Psalms of Ascents  Jonathan Hollander Psalm 123  PDF 

3rd July 

Church unleased as Herald  Rev Bernard Fidder  Acts 2.14-41  PDF
  3rd July in Littelebourne Whose side is God on Chris Wilson Sharp  Psalm 124 DOCX
  10th July  Trading places  Jonathan Hollander  Acts 26. 9-23  PDF

10th July in Littlebourne 

A song of Ascents  Peter Hollander   Psalm 125 DOCX 

17th July in Littlebourne 

Peter heals a lame begger  Peter Hollander  Acts 3.1-10  PDF 
  24th July in Littlebourne  Peter`s second sermon  Jonathan Hollander  Acts 3.11-26  PDF 
  31st July Worshipping the God of all  Alice Wilson Sharp Psalm 145  PDF
  31st July in Littlebourne Peter and John before the Sanhedren  Peter Hollander Acts 4.1-21  PDF 
  7th August Worshipping all through life  Val Cannon  Psalm 34 PDF
  7th August in Littlebourne  God`s Sovereignty   Jonathan Hollander  Acts 4.23-31  PDF
  14th August Worshipping Together Caroline Camp Psalm 122 DOCX
  14th August in Littlebourne  Believers sharing their posessions  Peter Hollander  Acts 4.32-37  PDF 

28th August in Littlebourne 

Psalms of Ascent  Peter Hollander  Psalm 126  PDF 

4th September in Sandwich

Lot a life in five acts Christine Wilson Sharp Genesis 19.1-38  DOCX

4th September in Littlebourne 

Unless the Lord builds the House  Jonathan Hollander  Psalm 127  PDF 

11th September 

Introduction to Phillipians  Val Cannon  Phillipians 1.1-11  PDF 
  18th September  Family Introduction  Simon Redman Phillipians 1.12-30  DOCX 

25th September 

Rosh  Hashanah Christine Wilson sharp  1 Thessalonians 4.13 -5.10  DOCX 
  25th September in Littlebourne  Psalms of Ascent  Peter Hollander  Psalm 128  PDF

2nd October 

Yom Kippur  Robin Lane  Leviticus 23.26-32 Numbers 29.7-11   PDF 

2nd October in Littlebourne 

What grows from persecution  Jonathan Hollander  Psalm 29  PDF

9th October

The Feast of Tabernacles  Janet Wilson Sharp Leviticus 23.33&39 John7.17-43  DOCX

9th October in Littlebourne 

The Apostles heal many  Peter Hollander  Acts 5.12-16  PDF

16th October 

The mindset of Obedience  Jonathan Hollander  Philippians 2.1-18 PDF

16th October in Littlebourne

The apostles persecuted  Peter Hollander Acts 5.17-42 PDF

23rd October 

Paul speaking about Timothy and Epaphroditus  Peter Hollander  Philippians 2.19-30  PDF

23rd October in Littlebourne

First and foremost, preach Christ  Jonathan Hollander  Acts 6.1-7  PDF

30th October

Rejoice in the Lord  Linda Cawsey Phillipians 3.1-11 DOCX

30th October in Littlebourne

Stephen seized  Peter Hollander Acts 6.8-15 DOCX

6th November

Pressing towards the goal Rev Bernard Fidder Phillipians 3.12-21 PDF

6th November in Littlebourne

Stephen`s defence and offence Jonathan Hollander Acts 7. 1-53 PDF

13th November

  Rev Bernard Fidder Phillipians 4.1-9  PDF

13th November in Littlebourne 

Stoning of Stephen  Peter Hollander  Acts7.53-60  PDF
  20th November   Alice Wilson Sharp Phillipians4.10-23 PDF 
  20th November in Littlebourne  God the just and the justifier  Jonathan Hollander  Psalm 130  PDF

27th November

Who do you think you are Rev David Bedford Matthew 1.1-17  DOCX 

27th November  in Littlebourne

Song of Ascents, of David Peter Hollander Psalm 131 PDF

4th December

Proclamation of John the Baptist  Rev Bernard Fidder Isaiah 1-10 & Matthew 3.2-11  PDF

4th December 

Alice's Testimony  Alice Wong in St Andrews      DOC

4th December  in Littlebourne

Remember  Chris Wilson Sharp  Psalm 132  DOCX 

11th December

Expectations  Rev Bernard Fidder Matthew 11 .2-11  PDF

11th December in Littlebourne 

Living together in Unity  Val Cannon   Psalm 133  PDF 
   18th December   Janet Wilson Sharp  Hanukkah Introduction  DOCX
  18th December    Chris Wilson Sharp  Hanuakkah 6  DOCX 

25th December 

  Peter Hollander    DOCX 





























































Sunday Services - St Andrews Canterbury

Morning 10.30 am

The morning service continues now in the church building but addtionally for those who cannot attend in person we are still providing a service each Sunday morning via Zoom technology.

You are more than welcome to join us.


To join us on Zoom please contact our Minister Rev Bernard Fidder at well beforehand to establish the information required to connect to us.

Preachers during April

       2nd April Rev Bernard Fidder - Communion

       9th April Rev Bernard Fidder

      16th April Alice Wilson Sharp 

      23rd April Steve Smith

      30th April Chris Wilson Sharp     

Littlebourne Chapel in Nargate Street


For details of worship at 3pm each Sunday please see under heading of CHURCH LIFE and scroll down to Littlebourne