Pastoral Care

“See how these Christians love one another” was a comment on the Early Church by a Non-Christian commentator.  We want to be known by our love.  St Andrew’s seeks to offer Christ-centred care to all, with prayer and ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit and also with practical support.

Some particular ways in which we offer pastoral care are through:

The Eldership

We aim to ensure that we cover everyone in the fellowship through prayer and personal contact and that we are able to respond to needs as they arise. All church members and regular attendees are assigned to the care of a specific Elder. Each Elder will pray for those on their lists and keep in contact with them, visiting when particular needs arise.

Life Groups

We encourage as many people as possible to join one of the Life Groups. In addition to Bible studies and fellowship, these groups provide pastoral support to those who attend and also encourage members of the group in their ministry to others.


We also have prayer ministry on offer at our services and a prayer chain that we can ask the church to pray quickly for any urgent prayer needs.

Our prayer ministry has developed since becoming more involved in the work of the Dunamis Prayer Fellowship. This is very close to the heart of our minister, Bernard, and we have a team now trained in working together to offer prayer ministry sessions for those who are struggling and who desire to see God break through in their lives. The focus is on the Holy Spirit, who gently reveals what needs to be dealt with – sometimes things we have forgotten or that are hidden – and shows us how to pray into those things.

This takes place by appointment with the minister, so that time can be set apart to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit in prayer.